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What is a Long Term Loans?

By applying for a long term loans, you can borrow more money on low interest with longer repayment time. Such loans are very useful for businesses and huge expenses.

How can I qualify for it?

It's easy!

  • Provide a regular source of income/benefits,
  • Must have a valid and regular bank account,
  • You need to be 18 years or above and Canadian resident and
  • Must have a valid email and phone number.

What happen when I complete my application?

Once you complete your application and submit to us, your application will in under review by our lenders. If you got loan approval, you need to e-Sign your documents and talk to our lenders to confirm your details. After that, money will be transferred into your bank account within 15 minutes.

After application, how much time I will need to wait?

No longer, we will contact you as soon as possible. You just need to wait 4-5 minutes for getting final result on your loan application.

How soon will I get my approved money?

You will get your loan amount on same day.

What is the maximum loan amount limit that I can apply for?

The maximum loan amount for which you can apply for is up to C$5000 or even more.

Can I repay my loan early without penalty?

Yes, we are encouraging borrowers to payback their loan earlier. Our lenders do not charge penalty for early loan payments.

Are your loans secure and confidential?

Absolutely yes!! All of our processes and transactions are running on secured and modern server. Your personal details shared with us are completely confidential and can't sell to third parties.

Will applying with you affect my credit score?

By using our website to apply for a long term loans will not impact on your credit file. Your application for a loan will not be visible to other lenders and credit agencies.

Can I apply for long term loans with bad credit?

Yes, we will consider your loan application even if you have imperfect credit.

Can I apply for my second loan, when I completely payback my first loan?

Yes, once you paid off your first loan, you can again apply for a new loan with us.

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